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The Law Offices of Irene R. Bowdry is committed to promoting a team approach with our clients, which has allowed us to gain the respect of a diverse employer-client base. Additionally, we have earned the respect of numerous Judges throughtout the Workers' Compensation Appeals Boards in Southern California located in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties. Throughout our years of experience, we have gained valuable knowledge of litigating cases in Northern California which can be procedurally, very different than handling cases in Southern California. We feel being experienced with a variety of venues is essential in obtaining a favorable result.

The legal philosophies of our firm support the aggressive defense of workers' compensation claims while remaining mindful of cost effective methods to reduce the client's exposure. We will do our utmost to obtain early closures of cases when appropriate, yet vigilant, proactive and assertive in the defense of each claim. We pride ourselves on staying knowledgeable of the ever-changing Workers' Compensation laws and keeping our clients abreast of the current case law, regulations and philosophies promoted by the Applicant Bar.

We support and understand the claim's motto, "The only good claim, is a closed claim."

We have offices located in Los Angeles,
Orange and Riverside Counties

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